Challenge yourself: Learn a new language!

Learning a language can be fun and rewarding! You are able to use a different portion of your brain and truly challenge your mind. This can be easy to get started.

To spark your interest, you can sign up to receive a word of the week to practice and commit to memory. You can focus on learning some vocabulary words and also some verbs. Email to request the word of the week.

Learning a language can take some time, but you can schedule frequent lessons so that your progress can be made with the language acquisition.

Learning a new language opens doors to learning about other cultures, travel and working on volunteer efforts for missions work. You can truly connect with people on a much deeper level when you speak the local language and understand the specific cultural aspects of the country.

Learning Spanish can help you travel throughout a multitude of countries. This can inspire many new adventures and spiritual development.

Contact us and schedule a lesson via calendly to get started with Spanish.

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